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Welcome back to Cudmore!

Things are looking a bit different here. Due to Covid19 we have had to make some changes but are looking forward to welcoming you back.

We are now a bookings only site and you will not be allowed to fish if you haven't pre-booked.

There will be no night fishing or matches just yet but we will keep you posted when they will be re-introduced.

We have reduced the capacity by 40% to keep everyone safe. For now we cannot offer a shop on site but in the coming days we hope to offer specialised bait for the lake you have chosen.

Any questions please direct through the app or via email.

Please bare with us at this time, we have had an enormous amount of work to do in setting the systems up and over the next few weeks we know there will be teething problems.

For now we hope you can enjoy a good days fishing!

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Dont forget take a look at our online shop where you can purchase pellets, Ground bait and terminal tackle. It will then be waiting here for you to pick up on your arrival .



Another 72 on Avoca hopefully 🙏🏻🙏🏻 28th booked just hoping I can get the 29th and 30th


Mo Warren
Mo Warren
Jul 21, 2020

Love fishing at cudmore Beautiful place and the stuff are friendly and welcoming great value for money.🎣


Chris Holmes
Chris Holmes
Jun 11, 2020

Hello. Is anyone booked on George’s for Saturday that isn’t going. Cancelling so I’m able to book


On the website you can mate up to 4 people


Can I book for 2 people

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