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Fishery Rules

These rules are to ensure that everyone can enjoy their time at Cudmore.

Please read through the rules carefully before booking. 

Please check individual lakes for further rules and requirements.

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There is now a draw system in place for Tara, Avoca, Georges and Adelaide. You can arrive onsite at approx 2:30pm. You can walk a lake from 3pm. The draw will take place once everyone who is arriving for your lake has arrived. This could be as soon as 3:10pm. If you cant be onsite for 3.30pm then the draw will take place regardless and you will be able to choose from which ever pegs have not been chosen in the draw.
The draw is a water craft style. You pick your own peg. We do not tell you where to sit. We simply determine who has first pick of the available pegs buy drawing numbers from a bag once everyone has arrived. Groups who only intend to fish from 2 swims next to each other can share 1 ball. We try our hardest to keep social groups together. 
You do have the chance to move into a vacant peg once you are on a lake. You simply need to wait until the peg you want is free then call reception to let us know where you are moving to.
You need to be off your peg by 2.30pm on the day you leave so we can start the draw process again.
This new system has made the fishery a much more enjoyable and friendly place to be. No one gets priority over anyone else and its not first come first served. Its now fair for everyone. 

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1. All anglers must call in reception on arrival.

2. You must dip your landing net before fishing.

2b. You will need appropriate fish care and unhooking mat.

3. We don't allow barbed hooks or magic twigs.

4. All fish are to be returned to the water as quickly as possible and are not to be retained for any reason. do not stand up with a fish.

5. We don't allow any type of nuts, home made baits or plastic/none biodegradable baits.

6. Please don't disturb the wild life or bankside vegetation. 

6b. DO NOT leave any litter on the fishery. There is a skip provided.

7. Under 14's must fish the same peg as an appropriate adult.

8. You need to be 16 years old or over to fish without an adult present.

9. All vehicles are to be left on designated car parks.

10. We will not tolerate drunkenness or antisocial behaviour.

11. If you are  unfortunate enough to have an accident when onsite please go to reception to report it.

12. we don't allow any guests or visitors to your pegs.

Extra rules (as well as the rules above) for night waters.

1. Barbless hooks only.

2. You need a minimum 42'' landing net, well padded mat or cradle and all relevant fish care.

2b. Minimum 15lb b/s line.

3. You are very welcome to use a bait boat.

4. If using a spod or spom you must use the correct float.

4b. We will do rig checks.

5. You must have prior permission to bring a dog. If your dog is off the lead you will be asked to leave the fishery.

6. We don't allow radios or open fires or disposable barbecues.

Not sure of any rules give us a call 01782680919


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